IT Solutions for Airports

Integrated IT Solutions for Airports and Ground Handlers - Sophisticated Software for the Aviation Business

Software Solutions for the Aviation Business

Our aviation department offers state-of-the-art software systems for airport operators and ground handling companies. Custom-tailored and comprehensive software packages are available for each business branches.

AIRPORTSTAR: IT Solutions for Airports

topsystem's AIRPORTSTAR suite offers powerful software solutions which have been specially developed for airport requirements. The system is based on a combination of a centrally installed airport operational database (AODB) with a message broker for establishing communication with a great variety of different information systems (e.g. IATA/AFTN messaging, FIDS, ERP, airline systems etc.). This concept ensures a completely integrated information exchange combined with a centralised data administration.

Based on this core system the modular IT suite offers a wide range of operational software solutions: seasonal and daily flight scheduling, resource management, aeronautical billing, ACDM, FIDS and many more.

GROUND HANDLING SYSTEM: Complete Software Solution for Ground Handlers

The Ground Handling System (GHS) offers extensive support for many business processes of ground handling companies. The system is completely web-based and requires only one single installation, e.g. in the headquarters. Any number of stations can then access the complete software and centralised data storage with a simple webbrowser.

Operational modules include flight scheduling, contract management, resource mangagement, service recording, billing/invoicing and many other business-specific applications.

nd zahlreiche andere branchenspezifische Applikationen.

CARGO HANDLING SYSTEMSoftware for Airfreight Handling

With the CARGO HANDLING SYSTEM (CHS) topsystem has developed a solution allowing air freight handlers to benefit from a reasonably priced yet efficient software. The modular, scalable system offers a wide range of options for efficiency increase in the many cargo-related work processes as well as for the reduction of unnecessary costs. And what’s more, the solution can be completely custom-tailored by selecting all features according to individual requirements and budgets.