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Mobile Leistungserfassung

GHS-MSR: Easy Mobile Service Registration

Naturally, GHS also offers a solution for the direct recording of services on the apron. The optional GHS-MSR (Mobile Service Registration) is a software that can be used on any mobile device with Internet browser.

Handling Services Registration via Mobile Computer Anytime and Anywhere

The user interface for the operational service recording is custom tailored specifically to fit the difficult work environment on the apron and is particularly user-friendly. The registered services are transferred directly to the central system via WLAN / UMTS. This ensures that all services provided are fully recorded and immediately available for billing.

Hardware Independent Software 

The hardware is also subject to high demands, in order to be able to withstand the extreme conditions on the apron. Therefore, the only software requirement is the support of modern web standards, so that the existing devices can still be used. Of course, topsystem also offers optimally adapted and extremely robust hardware, which has proven itself in the real working environment.

Functions & Advantages

  • Complete Service RegistrationThe electronic recording of services on the apron and direct forwarding to the central system ensures that all services provided are also available for billing.

  • Hardware IndependentMost common mobile computers that meet simple, modern web standards can be used with the system.

  • Easy System IntegrationDue to the complete system integration, the handling personnel are also informed about optional contract services, etc.

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