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Airport Rents and Tenancies

Revenues from rents and leases represent a major and constantly growing source of income for modern-time airports. The ever increasing complexity concerning the provision of infrastructure and services on behalf of the airport necessitate a comprehensive and efficient software for managing the great variety of premises and rental resources. The aim of such a software has to be the optimisation of administration and invoicing procedures in order to contribute decisively to the profitability of this branch of business.

Invoicing of Rents and Tenancies at the Airport

The software module AirportSuite-Facility serves the management and invoicing of rental contracts and tenancy agreements as well as their resulting billing procedures. A simple yet complete management of rental objects in hierarchical order from building complexes to floors and individual objects serves as a basis for the software. On the functional side, the solution supports a variety of business models from simple rental contracts to complex concessional or franchise agreements with shares in turnover.

Flexible System for Customised Rental Models

Due to the flexible management of any rental objects many other alternative business models can also be covered. Examples here are mobile points of sale in corridors or halls, rental mobile devices etc.


Features & Benefits

Comprehensive rental management

Elaborate contract management and automation of invoicing procedures

Integrated processing

Commissions can, for example, be based on automated import of passenger numbers or other data sources

Individual business models

The flexible contract management also allows for renting out of mobile objects and devices

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