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Central Database


Central Database and Information Broker for Company-Wide Online Cooperation

Wherever data is concerned for ground handling purposes, the pivotal requirements are reliability, topicality and the possibility of cross-system exchange.

Centralised Data Management for Multi-Station Online Cooperation

The GHS database offers a centralised data storage on a single server, which also has the significant advantage of avoiding any redundancies and ambiguities. Information administered in the database covers long-term data like, for example, customer and address information, service catalogues, contract data, aircraft details etc. This also includes station-specific information like local price lists in local currencies, individual contracts as well as  topical operative information like flight data, provided services, invoicing data and much more. Due to the integrative centralized data storage and Web access from any station, GHS offers the combined advantages of a localized operative management and a company-wide cooperation. Furthermore, comprehensive evaluations of all operations can be made and strategic guidelines can be implemented in the holding headquarters at any time with all necessary data available.


Complete IT Integration and Unlimited Data Exchange

In addition to reliable and comprehensive data storage, the availability of identical data for all interacting software systems is of utmost importance. Here, the interface module GHS-Mb supports all standard data exchange protocols and also offers a great number of aviation-specific interfaces like, for example, IATA message import, connection to real-time resource allocation systems and common financial bookkeeping software (e.g. SAP, ORACLE Finance) etc. The flexible module also allows the integration of non-standard systems with a minimum of programming efforts.

Features & Benefits

Central Installation

Master data and operational information are stored centrally and unambiguously in a single database (AODB). All stations work together online company-wide using web based software and identical data

System Integration

The powerful Message Broker establishes comprehensive data exchange between multiple information systems like, for example, ATC, national slot coordination, messaging systems (IATA/AFTN), airline systems, financial bookkeeping etc

Process Chain Coverage

The modular system offers solutions for the complete operational and commercial chain of processes in ground handling

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