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Contract Management


Software for the Management of Ground Handling Contracts

The software module GHS-Contract is used for the creation and management of handling contracts between ground handling companies or departments their airline customers. Due to the web-based technology of the GHS system, a company-wide online management of handling agreements is possible.

Master Data and Service Catalogue for Airline Handling Agreements

First of all, GHS offers an extensive master data management – e.g. customer addresses, aircraft types and registrations, document template management etc. – in a user-friendly and intuitive user interface.

The basis for contract management is a service catalogue featuring a default list of services from the official Airport Handling Manual (AHM), which can be extended with any number of individually designed additional services. The general features of service management also include the definition of accounting units, price definitions for specified periods of validity, assignment to internal organisation units, creation of standardised service packages and much more.

Handling Contract Drafting and Printout

Contracts are created by recording all important basic and service data in clearly structured tables. Prices are calculated automatically, but can be modified with discounts and surcharges wherever necessary. The option of simply importing pre-defined standard service packages with a few mouse-clicks saves much effort.

In cooperation with the a text processing software, contract document templates can be created, which are then integrated in GHS-Contract. Any variety of templates from IATA-compliant to individually designed documents can be drafted. For contract printouts, each GHS contract is assigned an appropriate document template. At pre-defined positions in the template the actual contract data from GHS is then automatically inserted. This allows the printout of individualised and ready-to-sign contract documents.

Automatic Assignment of Contracts to Flight Handling Operations

Due to the integration with the module GHS-Service, contracts and the services included therein are automatically assigned to corresponding flights (i.e. flight data records) for service recording. All contractually agreed price parameters are also taken automatically into account for the later invoicing, e.g. with GHS-Billing.

Features & Benefits

Complete contract management

Coverage of all contract-related processes from service and price catalogue management to contract printout.

Multi-station capability

Any number of stations can work with the centrally installed online system. In this respect, the system also supports multiple currencies and different VAT regulations

Operational integration

Applicable agreements including contractual services are automatically assigned to flights

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