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Flight information display systems have to be increasingly flexible nowadays. From the pure display of passenger information about flight schedules, gates, baggage belts etc. up to complex advertisement displays a wide range of different functions is required. In this regard, the requirements of large and small airports may vary significantly so that solutions have to be versatile and scalable enough to meet any individual demand.


Scalable FIDS Solution for Airports of any Size

topsystem offers custom-tailored solution packages for any requirement. Starting with cost-effective systems fulfilling all demands for providing purely flight-related information up to high-end systems with software-based time registration of advertising, split-screen functions and other sophisticated options.

On the hardware side, the selection also features a wide range of devices from simple, robust standards monitors to weather-resistant outdoor displays. Free combinability of hardware and software thus male it possible to design a system completely according to individual needs.

Perfect Integration with Operational Flight Scheduling

Especially when combined with the daily flight scheduling AirportSuite-Flightmanager topsystem's FIDS solutions play out their complete strengths. The natural integration with the continuously updated flight scheduling and the filtering and direct forwarding of data to the internal or public displays ensures a smooth and complete information flow.

Features & Benefits

Free scalability

A wide range of hardware and software variants allow an acquisition of a FIDS system perfectly suited to individual requirements in regard to functional scope and area of operation

Optimal information distribution

With help of an easily operated software interface, flight information and other data to be displayed can be distributed carefully targeted to any monitor connected to the system

Seamless integration

The daily flight scheduling of the AirportSuite system is ideally integrated with FIDS and thus saves efforts of implementing costly additional interfaces

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