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Flight Scheduling

A reliable and constantly updated flight scheduling is not only of crucial importance for long-term planning, but also for the operative airport business.

AirportSuite-Flightmanager offers comprehensive features covering all requirements for a flight planning.

Updating of Flight Schedule Data – IATA, AFTN, ATC & Co

Equipped with flexible interfaces, AirportSuite-Flightmanager is capable of importing and updating seasonal as well as operational flight data from a wide range of external systems – e.g. IATA/AFTN messages, air traffic control institutions (ATC) and airline systems. Seasonal flight data are displayed in an ergonomic, freely-configurable user interface either as single, individual flights or as weekly periodic summaries. Both variants offer functions for comfortably managing flights and rotations, automations for many data import and editing processes as well as intelligent plausibility checks.

Operational Daily Flight Scheduling – Updating of Load Data and Flight Status Information

Based on the reliable seasonal data, daily flight schedules are automatically generated for operational business planning and execution. Naturally, these are also continuously updated and, appropriately filtered, forwarded to attached systems like gates and flight information display systems.

AirportSuite-Flightmanager offers a wide range of functions for optimally editing and completing flight schedules. In clearly arranged table views, basic flight data (e.g. scheduled times, aircraft data, airport resources) can be complemented with important operational data (status information, ETT, ATT, block times, delays etc.) and load data (passengers, freight). Furthermore, arrivals and departures of individual aircraft can be linked to define rotations, and special cases like “Touch&Go” or “Overshoots” can be comfortably recorded.

Flight Data for Airport Collaborative Decision Making (ACDM)

topsystem’s flight scheduling module also completely supports the requirements of the ACDM initiative of many major organisations in the aviation business – e.g. IATA, CANSO and Eurocontrol. All flight information is stored compliant to the requirements of the common procedural management used by air traffic control, airlines, airports and ground handlers. Corresponding data can be provided to any related systems and in appropriate formats.

Features & Benefits

Complete management

of seasonal and operational daily flight schedules

Comprehensive interfaces

to external systems and file formats (e.g. MS Excel, IATA/AFTN messaging, airline systems, FIDS, gates etc.)

Workflow optimizations

Customizable, clearly arranged user interface, automated imports and plausibility checks, colour-codings for special occurrences and many other features contribute to more precise data and easier operation

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