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Handling Service Recording


Software Solutions for Service Recording

The GHS-Service software module is used for the planning and recording of completed ground handling services. The core of the module consists of a clear listing of events (for example, individual flights), for which all the services provided are recorded. In order to achieve this, all flight events with their current data are first automatically imported and updated from a daily flight schedule. Other non-flight related events can also be recorded manually if necessary.

Optimal Integration of Contract Management and Service Recording

By connecting to the contract management module GHS-Contract it is possible to automatically import contractually agreed services for aircraft handling into the GHS-SERVICE module. In addition to services provided on a standard basis, optional services which are only available upon request and at special conditions, are also included in a second category. Special services from the general contract catalog which can also be recorded directly upon delivery, are available in a third category. With the GHS-MSR add-on module services can also be recorded directly on the apron with mobile computers and can even be billed and payed in cash.

Software Solution for Ground Handling System and Process Integration

Based on the centrally installed database and software (GHS-Central) the recorded ground handling services of all branch offices are stored in one place. This centralized concept offers the advantage of combined company-wide master data and individual processes and requirements of different stations and subsidiaries. 

The individual processes are also perfectly integrated into other modules and systems: The service recording has direct access to flight data and contract management, which supports the planning of handling procedures. Upon completion of the service recording, contractually agreed prices and rendered services are provided directly to the GHS-Billing module and forwarded to a financial accounting system.

Features & Benefits

Integration in the Process Chain

Automatic import of handling contracts, incorporation of flight, aircraft and customer data as well as price calculation for the billing process.

Numerous Features

Functions such as e.g. recording of non-flight-related special services, service recording via mobile devices any many more are also available.

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