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Handling Service Billing


Software for Billing and Invoicing of Aircraft Handling Operations

The software module GHS-Billing serves the invoicing of aircraft ground handling and other services and has been specially developed for these purposes.

Complete Invoicing Software for Ground Handling

The emphasis is placed on the comfortable processing of a great variety of billing procedures like, for example, the automatic fee calculation for standard handling procedures, the final invoicing for freely definable periods of time, the direct billing of cash-paying customers, the consideration of individual handling contracts or the billing of special non-flight-related services. Editable pre-settings for individual customers, aircraft types, document layouts and services optimise the workflow and speed up the processing.

Integration of Contract Management, Service recording and Billing

The software GHS-Billing is directly connected to the price and contract management as well as the service recording for ground handling operations. This ensures that all invoicing-related data is properly available for billing procedures. The process integration saves a lot of efforts and guarantees a maximum degree of accuracy for the generation of invoices. Also included in the standard features is a connection to common financial accounting systems and the direct forwarding of billing data.

Invoice Generation and Dispatch via Postal Mail or Electronic Invoicing

The actual billing is performed in freely configurable invoice runs with individual options for setting periods to be billed, customers etc. A preview function for the invoices to be generated is also available. Invoice data can then be stored and prepared for dispatch via postal mail or in electronic invoicing formats. The electronic invoicing options cover a variety of airline systems as well as international electronic invoicing standards. The software package meets the strict German specifications according to „IDW PS 880“ and is certified for financial auditing processes.

Features & Benefits

Custom-tailored solution

The billing software has been specially developed for ground handling and takes business-specific processes and requirements into account

Process integration

In combination with other GHS software modules, a complete coverage of the process chain from initial price and contract management, service recording and billing even up to the commercial statistical evaluation of operations is possible

Flexible invoicing

Invoices can be generated in individually configurable runs and the dispatch can be realised paper-based or in various electronic formats

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