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IT solution for smaller airports

The software package AirportSuite-Basepack is a complete solution which has been specially developed for the requirements of smaller airports or autonomous airport branches focusing on private-, business- and general aviation.

AirportSuite-Basepack is modularly structured: the core of the suite is a central database including a sophisticated user and access rights management, which is the basis of this full-blown station IT system. Also included in the basic scope of functions is a daily flight scheduling module and an aeronautical billing software for the invoicing of standard fees and charges.

In addition to this comprehensive core system covering all basic requirements, a variety of complementary modules is available, which are custom-tailored to the specific needs of airport operations.

Flexible add-on-modules: Flight Schedule Import, FIDS, Resource and Facility Management

AirportSuite-Basepack is fully compatible to the large-scale AirportSuite solution and can be upgraded at any time with additional modules according to individual requirements. Furthermore, many of the extension modules also have scalable vaiantsallowing to find an ideal solution in regard to costs and benefits.

The FIDS system, for example, offers a variety of hardware and software options, the extended flight scheduling is availabe in a reasonaby priced version without complex interfaces to customised external systems, and a small but powerful graphical resource management tool is also available.

Features & Benefits

Complete solution

AirportSuite-Basepack covers all standard requirements for flight planning and aeronautical billing with a single, cost-effective software package

Standard product

The system can be quickly implemented without complex customisations

Flexible extensions

Modules from the fully compatible AirportSuite solution can be added at any time to upgrade the scope of functions

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