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Lydia Connector for SAP

Lydia® Connector 7.0 – Pick by Voice and SAP

With Lydia® Connector 7.0 topsystem presents an upgrade of the renowned Pick by Voice-system Lydia®, resulting in an even higher warehouse management efficiency.

This is achieved through direct integration of Lydia® Connector 7.0 into SAP. The new integration model allows multimodal use of standard mobile devices (Personal Digital Assistants, PDAs) in the warehouse while continuing to use existing transactions in the SAP-environment.

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Implementation in SAP

Mit Lydia® Connector 7.0 – Your Advantages


The implementation of Lydia® Connector 7.0 into SAP based warehouses results in faster and more efficient data capture, a smoother workflow and a significant increase in productivity. Warehouse operators receive their work instructions via voice on the mobile device. Via speech entry users confirm step by step their work orders, which can also be displayed as a keyboard entry. Quite simply put, Lydia® Connector 7.0 works like a microphone on SAP.

Should a different form of input - other than voice - be required, Lydia®Connector 7.0 offers barcode scanning, RFID scanning and manual keyboard entry.

Lydia® Connector 7.0 is the only system worldwide that can be integrated without middleware and runs 100% online with SAP.

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