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Lydia CoPilot

Lydia® CoPilot – A perfect Support for Pick by Voice

The Lydia® Training Tool

The Lydia® CoPilot is a unique tool for initial training and support of the pick by voice operators. It enables key users and managers to connect directly to any of the active voice clients from a remote location without the need to track the individual operator(s).

Including Wireless Telephony

A unique feature of Lydia® CoPilot is that it can provide an internal telephone system between managers and operators. This integrated telephony function is a perfect tool for easy communication that greatly reduces or eliminates unnecessary walking, resulting in saving time and money while offering greater flexibility and responsiveness.

Analyzation of Speech Recognition Quality

By means of the CoPilot an analysis of voice recognition quality is possible. In addition, the CoPilot shows the recognition rate and quality. The the AGC (Automatic Gain Control) ensures that the operator‘s voice - regardless of the level of voice output - is optimized on the voice recognition engine. A manual adjustment of the microphone gain is available as well.

Supporting your Employees during their dialog process

After the agreement of the operator the key user / manager is able to listen to Lydia's® voice output as well as the operator‘s voice input. That way they can easily train employees with the voice system and help them to become familiar with the voice dialog and work process(es).

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