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Lydia Headsets

The right Headset for the right Application

Aside from a sophisticated software package, hardware plays an important role in mobile data capture with voice. The headsets especially have to meet high requirements in regards to durability, comfort and quality of voice recognition. Voice inputs will only be recognized correctly if background noises are filtered out which in turn ensures reliable voice recognition.

Regardless of difficult conditions, changing noise levels, wearing hats or helmets, whether cabled or wireless applications, topsystem offers the right headset for the right environment.

Our Headset Family

Every topsystem headset has been specifically manufactured for use with the Lydia® voice recognition system. Naturally, each headset undergoes strenuous testing to guarantee excellent performance in the challenging environment of distribution and manufacturing sites. And of course all of our headsets are quality products „Made in Germany“.

The hardware developers at topsystem not only working continously on improvements for our reliable products, but trying to create innovations, which leading partially to new types of headsets.

Lightweight from 14 g

-40 °C up to +80 °C

Multiple Plug Options

Various Sizes – S up to XL

Coiled Cable with breakaway Connector

Noise resistant up to 94 dB

Overview of our Headsets


The Rugged

The choice for everyone who favors a comfortable yet rugged headset. It is suitable for almost any standard application and is available in two sizes, Standard and Large.


The Proven

A bestseller for years, this tested and proven headset has excellent voice recognition and is very easy to wear. It is available as a regular headset or neckholder.


The Comfortable

This headset is specifically designed for use with helmets and other headgear. The neckband ensures a secure fit as well as an excellent wearing comfort.


The Ultra-Leight-Weight

This headset is so feather light, that the users barely feel it. Despite its light weight, this headset is robust enough for the daily warehouse routine and can even be worn underneath a helmet, if required.

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