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Lydia Service Suite

Lydia® Service Suite

Across entire sectors, in various areas and processes checklists are used: for example in sub-processes of maintenance and inspections or quality tests. Our Lydia® Service Suite enables tester to handle those checklists with voice. Thus a cumbersome handling of paper lists is omitted, so that the transfer of collected data to a PC becomes redundant and the processes usually are less error-prone.

That is why besides efficiency and data quality the ergonomics of the employee are increased, as his hands and eyes are always free to focus on the point and concentrate on his actual working process. As result of the gained freedom the use of tools and testing instruments is considerably easier.

A central aspect Lydia® Service Suite focuses on is the occupational safety. Because of the minimization of routes and the concentration of the employee on his main tasks mentioned above – there is no need to handle clipboards and paper lists –, the working environment is perceived holistically, so that the safety of the employee rises and the number accidents can be reduced.

Lydia® Service Suite

Check by Voice – easy, fast, ergonomic

Lydia® Service Suite

The core of Lydia® Service Suite is the combination of tablet (e. g. Panasonic Toughpad series) and headset. Thus the employee can follow voice instructions of Lydia® to handle checklists for example and at the same time he is able to confirm his work steps via voice input. In this case that there are data, which need a confirmation beyond voice input, the tablet can be used for a graphic data input, e.g. photos of defects or damaged items can be taken. In addition to this documentary function the tablet can be used for showing visual hints of complex components.

According to a suite this combination is of course expandable by other products of our voice solutions. If often visual hints or information are required, which can be displayed on small screen, our Smart Watch is the right choice for you. If there are special requirements on the mobility of the employee, our Lydia® VoiceWear in combination with Voxter® guarantees a maximum of ergonomics.


Lydia<sup>®</sup> Service Suite in Action

The handling of the voice system is simple. Speaking and listening are basic human skills. As such, operating he system is extremely easy and intuitive, because all the operator has to do is speak with Lydia®. The use of simply structured voice dialogues along with a consistent structured workflow process enables the users to become familiar with the system very quickly.

No matter which requirements you have, with Lydia® Service Suite we will find a suitable solution.

Improved Quality

Due to voice-directed processes the accuracy of collected data is improved.

Improved Ergonomics

The hands-free/eyes-free concept allows the employee to focus on his essential steps of work.

Increased Productivity

The data are transferred in real time, so that media breaks are a thing of the past.

High Work Safety

Minimized routes and employees, who are focused at all times, guarantee a gain of occupational safety.

Lydia® Service Suite – Areas of Application

Lydia Service Suite

Common Maintenance

Modern maintenance strategies require forward-thinking, long-term planning, exact cost control, and efficient performance of all service and maintenance tasks. Complete and error free documentation and transmission of the captured data to the host maintenance management system are more and more at the focus.

The optimization of processes requires the use of innovative technologies, such as mobile data capture by use of topsystem’s voice recognition software Lydia®. The hands-free/eyes-free approach when working with voice guarantees maximum focus by maintenance staff on the job at hand rather than on ‘breaking off’ to manually review and record actions/inputs. Instead of handling paper lists the workers can now easily document all their work, step by step in real time, by simple voice input.

Automotive – Quality Checks

In modern, highly technical areas, e.g. automotive industry, the enterprises apply high standards and demands in terms of quality. To meet those requirements topsystem has developed a solution, which manages quality checks and testing processes by voice. The advantages of this hands-free/eyes-free concept becomes obvious when the tester needs his hands to handle the object to be controlled. The collected data are directly transferred to the leading system and are available for further processes and evaluation. The Lydia® Service Suite supports your employees in an optimal and highly ergonomic way.

Lydia Service Suite

Aircraft – MRO

The Lydia® Service Suite is in use in the broad field of aviation. In the area of MRO (Maintenance Repair Overhaul) aircraft components are checked by voice. Engines have to be inspected after their production or controlled in determined intervals to detect damage or other defects. Due to the combination of voice and tablet those issues cannot only be confirmed by voice input, but also can be documented by using the camera function of the tablet taking a photo. Unwieldy data, e.g. long serial numbers, can be displayed on the tablet’s screen und therefore being controlled rapidly. The same argument leads to benefits for displaying other data, like construction drawings for example. A visual presentation often means a decisive advantage.

Your Advantages at a Glance

Optimal Ergonomics

Improved Working Efficiency

No Media Breaks

Improved Quality

Hardware independant

Increased Work Safety

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