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Lydia Warehouse Intelligence

Lydia® Warehouse Intelligence – Optimal management of voice work processes

LWI's Data Analytics architecture provides you with voice process, user and device data in a single administration panel and at the same time performs an analysis of these data. In addition, the BI tool defines relevant KPIs - such as server response times, battery life or WLAN field strength - and monitors their compliance.

Warehouse managers in particular benefit from this as they control internal processes efficiently and therefore have to be informed at all times about the current status of all important warehouse KPIs. LWI's analysis of recorded data also serves to permanently optimize logistics processes. Another beneficial function is the definition of threshold values. If these values are not met or exceeded, the system automatically alerts the operator.

This provides those responsible with sufficient time to initiate appropriate actions. LWI is also suitable as a preliminary stage for predictive maintenance: Continuous monitoring of the analyzed data material enables maintenance requirements to be identified at an early stage - before failures or malfunctions occur. All process-relevant data can be easily visualized with LWI. This allows you to see at a glance which voice processes you need to readjust.



LWI - The smart Business Intelligence tool for your Voice Picking solution

Quality of the Wi-Fi network

The optimum performance of your voice application is matched to your Wi-Fi environment in the warehouse. If changes occur, LWI will indicate this and you can take appropriate action.

Duration of server requests

The data transfer between mobile voice computer and WMS/ERP server may be one of the time-critical factors in your voice application. LWI evaluates the duration and number of server requests for you so that you can react promptly to delays.

Quality of Voice Recognition

Is voice recognition within your application at a consistently high level? LWI shows you the quality of the recognition. In case of variations, LWI provides you with this information and you can intervene to optimise it.

Ihre Vorteile im Überblick

KPI Monitoring

Monitoriung the performance indicators of your Lydia® Voice application

Perfect Overview

All available data at a glance on the dashboard

Systematic Data Analysis

Perfect prerequisites for continuous process improvements

Predictive Maintenance

Analysis of the runtime capacities of the mobile voice clients to reduce downtimes

Voice Recognition Quality

Individual monitoring of voice recognition to optimize the voice workflow

installation Options

Available as cloud-based and On Premises installation.

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