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ECHOS® ensures efficient, streamlined processes in cargo handling sector

29.05.2019 15:06:00

Increasing quality demands, quick turnaround times, extreme margin pressures and a shortage of expert personnel are just a few of the current challenges facing the air cargo industry. There is an urgent need for digital solutions that can both simplify and speed up processes in the air cargo chain.

With ECHOS®, topsystem is offering a modular tool which helps to increase efficiency and reduce costs, and which enables a completely paperless, integrated process in digitalised form for physical cargo handling and storage. Alongside all major import and export tasks, ECHOS® also features numerous additional modules and apps dedicated to, for example, cargo movement and warehouse management.

Furthermore, the system also ensures the exchange of data with customs and freight forwarding agents. In addition to handling operative processes, ECHOS® also supports the reviewable billing of all services provided to customers, for example airlines. ECHOS® generates and supplies all data in real time, ensuring transparency in the process chain and faster reaction times.

Users are notified immediately of any inconsistencies, for example in subsequent cargo handling processes, and thus have the opportunity to respond in good time. The software's range of functions can be individually tailored to client requirements. Users therefore only receive what they really need.

ECHOS® is also available as a web-based solution, allowing any number of branch offices to work online, irrespective of their location. The mobile application, mECHOS®, is particularly suited for quick, ergonomic data collection in the cargo processing area. It supports employees as a smart companion on mobile end devices, providing instructions for pending tasks.

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