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3. topsystem Technology Day Smart Warehousing in Logistics

01.02.2018 12:32:00

As a pioneer of voice-guided work process systems, topsystem always aims to identify new trends at an early stage and incorporate them into product development. With the topsystem Technology Day, the company has created a form of event where logistics specialists from all sectors meet to exchange ideas. Tim Just, Managing Director of topsystem Systemhaus GmbH from Würselen, pointed out in his opening speech that people and IT-supported technology are the success factors of logistics. However, even in times of digitization and networking, the human being is still of greater importance, as his cognitive abilities make him superior to an automated solution in many cases," emphasized Just.

Marco Meusel from the SIMBA DICKIE GROUP demonstrated how Voice could be used in practice. Since the Lydia® VoiceWear® picking vest from topsystem has replaced the previous Pick by Voice model, the toy manufacturer has recorded a further productivity increase of 11%. UVEX WINTER HOLDING has also had good experience with the introduction of Lydia® Voice. UVEX is extremely satisfied with the result - including a 30 percent increase in pick performance. At the automobile manufacturer VW, Lydia® Voice is the intelligent interface between man and technology that ensures effective cooperation.

Marcel Wilhelms, General Manager at Ehrhardt + Partner Consulting, presented the next evolutionary stage of VR planning with the Holodeck, which was inspired by the science fiction series Star Trek. Sarah Strobel, project manager in the network "Businesses integrate refugees" of DIHK Service GmbH, explained the importance of language skills and language support for the integration of refugees in logistics. The exciting visit to the Aachen demonstration factory rounded off the successful day.

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