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  • If we have to move fast: Lydia® Voice for e-commerce warehouse

If we have to move fast: Lydia® Voice for e-commerce warehouse

28.05.2018 10:09:00

Online trading is still on the rise. In particular consumer electronics from the net let the cashes ring. However, the high demand also demands a lot from the logistics departments of the companies: The ordered game consoles, TV sets and vacuum cleaners must be delivered correctly and promptly. A task that cannot be accomplished without an efficient picking process. Komplett, the intelligent interaction of the Voxter® mobile voice computer and employees increases productivity by 25 percent. Voice output is available in Norwegian, Swedish and English.


The e-commerce retailer Komplett sells consumer electronics, IT and white goods products through its 18 web shops. From game consoles, laptops and tablets to washing machines, the company has around 13,000 different items in its 35,500 m2 central warehouse in Sandefjord. From there, end customers throughout Northern Europe are supplied. The pressure to perform in the industry is high. "The electronics trade is a tough business. Every order must arrive completely, perfectly and quickly at its destination," says Geir Huse, Logistics Project Manager at Komplett Group. A key requirement for logistics is therefore an efficient picking process with as few picking errors as possible. In order to achieve this goal, Komplett decided to no longer use handhelds in order picking, but to work with Pick by Voice.


Twenty-three Voxter® for mobile voice data collection are in use at the Sandefjord warehouse. "The solution from topsystem convinced us because it can be connected directly to SAP. This means that in future we will not need to interpose a subsystem," explains Geir Huse. In addition, employees have their hands free, which makes the workflow significantly more productive. A further advantage from the Norwegian company's point of view: The voice application can be adapted and expanded to the respective requirements on its own initiative. The multilingualism of Lydia® Voice also meets the requirements of international employees. 


The implementation of Lydia® Voice required a realignment of the picking process. Employees now do not scan EAN barcodes during the picking process. Only serial numbers of returned items, for example, are recorded with the back-of-hand scanner Voxter® Scan Elite Edition from topsystem. "Before the introduction of Lydia® Voice, we found the scanning process very inefficient. The use of Voxter® Scan Elite Edition has changed that," says Geir Huse. This is also confirmed by the figures: By implementing the voice solution and using the modern back-of-hand scanner, Komplett was able to increase the number of picks per day by 25 percent to 2,500 to 3,000.

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