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Lydia®: the smart voice assistant for logistics and industry

02.04.2019 16:01:00
New Whitepaper from topsystem

For almost two decades, logistics experts have been relying on voice solutions to optimize their logistics processes. In the meantime, the solution has established itself as the industry standard for paperless picking. But why has Voice become the leading technology? Which industries benefit most from the use of smart voice assistants? And what does the future hold for voice technology? topsystem answers these and other questions in the new white paper "Lydia®: the smart voice assistant for logistics and industry". Readers learn, among other things, what the advantages of voice-guided systems are and which core target industries benefit from voice use, and receive information about the latest technical standards based on AI and neural networks. Interested parties can now download the whitepaper free of charge at

Every day, the demands placed on logistics companies around the world are increasing. The pressure to optimize in the industry is growing continuously. Intralogistics processes must be carried out faster and faster and at the same time as cost-effectively as possible. Voice solutions such as Lydia® from topsystem have proven themselves in this agile and performance demanding environment. As the new topsystem white paper shows, language assistants do not only show their strengths in order picking. On the contrary: the potential of smart voice systems such as Lydia® goes far beyond the four warehouse walls. The innovation leader in the voice market has long since taken the next step and is developing completely new areas of application - also on the basis of revolutionary speech recognition technologies and artificial intelligence. The shortage of skilled personnel in the logistics sector and the increasing use of international employees, for example in parcel delivery, are also opening up new areas of application for voice solutions.

With the new publication, topsystem helps readers to get a 360-degree view of voice technology. The white paper is therefore suitable for both experienced voice users and interested parties. The Whitepaper is available immediately under for the Download.

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