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Lydia® Voice commissions organic products

12.03.2018 15:11:00

Companies such as Weiling ensure that the organic shops, organic supermarkets, delivery services, market stall operators and organic farm shops do not run out of supplies. The natural food wholesaler stores more than 12,000 certified organic articles, including cheese, meat and sausage products, wine as well as dairy and natural cosmetics products on a logistics area of around 39,300 m2. Weiling also distributes the bioladen* brand nationwide. The logistics centres in Coesfeld and Lonsee handle between 85 and 350 t per day. At peak times, employees carry out 410,000 picks a week - a peak performance that is only possible with an efficient picking process.


Fit for the future with modern Pick-by-Voice

Weiling meets the recent trend with its organic products. It is understood that everything in the warehouse must meet the latest standards in order to be always up to date. When it comes to picking, Weiling relies on the voice-guided picking system Lydia®. Compared to other providers, topsystem convinced with reliable support and technical competence. "Lydia® is easy to understand and easy to use," says Ellen Hörnemann, Head of Quality Management at Weiling. The mobile voice computer Voxter®  and the Lydia® voice solution help warehouse staff accurately assemble items into orders. The prerequisite for smooth processes is the interaction with the ERP system Microsoft Dynamics NAV and the fully integrated warehouse management system (WMS) SNC/Logistics of the SIEVERS-GROUP. Via the topsystem components, the employees at Weiling receive instructions as to which goods are to be picked and in what quantities. Entering check digits prevents errors during picking. In addition, topsystem's solution meets the special requirements for handling fresh products. For example, if a product does not meet the high quality standards, the employee is free to exchange it for a high-quality article. This also applies if an ordered article is not in stock.


Catch delivery delays

The pick-by-voice system also meets customer expectations in another respect. "We often work with weight items such as cheese or meat. That is why it is very important that the weight recording and addition functions optimally," explains Ellen Hörnemann. The employee simply enters the gram or kilogram number by voice. The WMS saves this data and automatically adds all values for invoicing. If goods are not in stock, for example because the truck has not yet arrived, the picker can put them on hold. To do this, it sets the status to "Refill". This activates an additional process in which the product is assigned an ID in Retail and picking is then carried out using a special list. In this way, delivery delays or production delays can be compensated for. Since Weiling uses reusable containers, the system asks at the end of each picking process whether a deposit should be registered. This way, the deposit boxes are recorded at the same time.


Old system will be successively replaced

Weiling currently uses the old Pick-by-Voice system and 70 Voxter® and Lydia® headsets in parallel. The obsolete system is gradually being replaced by topsystem products. Ellen Hörnemann is very satisfied with the project implementation so far: "The project has been extremely positive. We are already discussing further steps with topsystem."

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