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Lydia® Voice Delivery for optimized customer service

25.07.2018 14:05:00
Reach your destination on time with Lydia

 Lydia® also takes a good figure outside the warehouse: With Voice Delivery, the voice solution from topsystem also ensures improved quality throughout the entire delivery process up to delivery to the customer. CEP and transport service providers benefit from the hands-free/eye-free concept and 100% voice control. This eliminates the need to look at delivery receipts and shipping labels and ensures concentration on the work environment. In combination with a mobile device, the recipient can digitally acknowledge the delivery immediately. The work safety increases and the time until the ordered goods reach the end customer is reduced. Lydia® Voice Delivery is easily integrated into the existing IT system landscape as always.


The challenges in shipping logistics are increasing: Shorter delivery times, various CEP service providers and numerous shipping methods need to be managed efficiently. Where previously processes had to be handled manually and in part paper-based, Lydia® now demonstrates its strengths: The voice solution bundles the concentration on the essential work steps. The employees are equipped with a mobile voice computer to which all relevant process data is transmitted by the leading system via WLAN or UMTS.

Achieving the goal with safety

At the beginning of the delivery process there is the option of carrying out a vehicle test using Lydia®. To do this, the driver enters the vehicle type and is then guided by voice through a test process in which, for example, the oil level, tire pressure and other important key figures must be confirmed.

Whether with or without vehicle inspection: the delivery process is carried out entirely according to the individual requirements of the employee. Important data, such as the next delivery address, can be easily retrieved by voice during the journey. Distractions caused by looking at an MDE display for information retrieval, for example, are avoided by voice control. In addition, the reliability of the entire shipping process increases: hands and eyes are free so that the workflow runs smoothly and without interruption. Acknowledgement of delivery or deposit of the shipment at a location specified by the recipient is convenient and simple on the display of the mobile device. This allows the driver to take photos of the delivery point at the same time if, for example, the recipient has not received the consignment himself. In this case, it is also possible to enter the address data of the neighbour with whom the parcel was delivered alternatively, for example, as well as information about the delivery to a parcel shop. This significantly increases the quality of customer deliveries and the delivery rate.

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