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Roster management software APHIS wins innovation

10.10.2017 13:10:00

Staff rostering is one of the most challenging tasks for service providers. Added to the numerous special requirements of the work environment at airports, traditional methods for staff rostering will soon reach their limits once a certain number of employees is surpassed.

For this reason, AHS and topsystem have cooperated closely to develop the staff rostering tool APHIS, short for Aviation Handling and Information System. The computer program stands out due to the integration of several components such as flight data as well as specific service requirements of single airlines. APHIS also allows for the quick integration of and response to unforeseeable events like sickness notifications or changes in flight schedules. Furthermore, the already integrated data may be utilized for accounting purposes directly from within the system.

“With this program, we are perfectly prepared for all the special requirements that the working environment at airports holds up for us as a service provider. APHIS therefore enables us to organize our staff in the best possible manner,” says Prof. Dr. Martin Roll, Managing Director and Chairman of the Management Board at AHS Aviation Handling Services GmbH. “In topsystem we found a highly specialized partner that perfectly responded to our needs and we are very proud of also having convinced this year’s inter airport Europe’s innovation award jury with our concept,” adds Amélie Charisius, Managing Director at AHS Aviation Handling Services GmbH.

“We extended AHS’ existing ground handling software with the APHIS module, which meant a completely new approach to solving the rostering issue. It now includes the entire process of staff rostering, starting from roster drafts leading to day-to-day operational deployment control – all within the very same user interface,” concludes Franz-Josef Leuchter, Managing Director at topsystem Systemhaus GmbH.

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