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topsystem and Zebra Technologies Establish Strategic Partnership

28.02.2019 14:58:00
targeted product portfolio and complete solutions

topsystem and Zebra Technologies have joined a strategic partnership. The aim of the cooperation is to provide customers of both companies with a more targeted product portfolio and complete solutions in the future. As an independent software vendor, topsystem offers the Lydia® Voice Suite for wearable computers such as the WT 6000 from Zebra. topsystem's voice solution is the optimal alternative to Zebra's discontinued TekSpeech Pro voice system. In addition, topsystem offers Zebra hardware components as a registered reseller.

Zebra is an international market leader in mobile computing and offers a wide range of enterprise optimized Android devices. The product portfolio includes mobile computers, tablets, barcode scanners and label printers. The recently signed partnership between topsystem and Zebra is a win-win situation for all parties: topsystem now offers industrial mobile computers with Android operating system for voice customers. Voice customers who previously used Zebra's own voice solution can now easily and seamlessly switch to Lydia® Voice as a next-generation solution - with special conditions. Lydia® is the perfect complement for speech-based applications and a technological leader in this field.

In addition, topsystem will be offering Zebra products as a Registered Reseller. This applies in particular to mobile computers suitable for voice applications. Thus topsystem is able to supply its customers with end-to-end solutions as a full-service provider.

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