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BÜRGER now commissions 15 percent faster

23.05.2019 09:28:00
Traditional company relies on Lydia® Voice from topsystem

Having your hands free at work is a great advantage in the fresh goods and frozen goods picking sectors. Employees working there wear cold-protective clothing, while conventional picking with picking lists and MDE devices is very difficult under these conditions. The BÜRGER GmbH & Co. KG, which is mainly known for its pasta squares, has recently started using the Lydia® pick by voice solution from topsystem. And this with convincing results: The picking speed at BÜRGER has increased by more than 15 percent. At the same time, the training time for new employees was reduced from five to just one day.

For more than 80 years the family business has been the expert for Swabian pasta squares. In order to continue to be well positioned on the market in the future, BÜRGER has digitized the order picking in the warehouse. The picking list and MDE device have given way to the Lydia® Voice speech technology from topsystem. "We opted for Lydia® Voice because we were convinced by two outstanding features of the solution: firstly, because the technology is intuitive to use and there is no need for time-consuming employee training. And secondly, because Lydia® Voice could be integrated into SAP without middleware," explains Stefan Breyer, IT project manager at BÜRGER. It was also crucial for the work processes at BÜRGER that the employees do not have to switch off the voice computer to change the battery. The work flow during picking is therefore not interrupted and the employees save valuable time in the warehouse. Last but not least, BÜRGER opted for Lydia® Voice because development and production at topsystem are "made in Germany".

Already after a few weeks first results and advantages compared to the previous picking method can be seen: BÜRGER now benefits from a scalable and stable process, the picking speed has increased by more than 15 percent and the training time for new employees has been reduced from about five days to just one day. "Our employees were behind the Pick by Voice solution from day one and were really enthusiastic about the changeover," says Breyer.

Challenge mastered: Lydia® Voice integrated in parallel with SAP EWM
A special feature in the implementation of the project was the integration of Lydia® Voice parallel to the system introduction of SAP EWM. In addition, the system-supported creation of small picking pallets in the warehouse posed a challenge. The solution: a volume size calculation of the quantity to be picked and picking in descending order of quantity with simultaneous dynamic changeover to a storage bin-optimized sequence. Everything that is not a full pallet is now picked with Lydia® Voice. And in comparison to the previous picking method, the integration in SAP means that it is now known on which pallet a particular article is located.

The logic is completely in the SAP system, communication is 100 percent online with Lydia® Connector for SAP. This ensures that the article stock is always known and SAP recognizes when an article is running low at the storage location at an early stage. BÜRGER can provide replenishment in good time. Unlike before the changeover to Lydia® Voice, the order picker does not have to worry about finding the article in the warehouse and organizing replenishment himself. If a space is empty and an alternative space exists, SAP guides the employee to the alternative space with the same article. This eliminates the need to wait for replenishment or search for the item in the warehouse. "We are very satisfied with the changeover to Lydia® Voice. With topsystem we have the ideal partner at our side", summarizes Stefan Breyer.

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