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  • Digital workforce planning for ground handling personnel

Digital workforce planning for ground handling personnel

18.09.2017 08:42:00

An efficient and flexible workforce planning system is essential for airport ground handling. topsystem Systemhaus GmbH has, in close cooperation with AHS – Aviation Handling Services - developed a new workforce and shift planning tool to optimise the time-consuming organisation and disposition of employees. The rostering software APHIS (Aviation Personnel Handling and Information System) is tailored to the exact requirements of ground and cargo handlers. It uses all relevant information on flight times and service level agreements, and then combines it with the employee master data that has been stored. The result is a clear management and allocation of tasks as well as the possibility of flexibly responding to last-minute operational changes. APHIS was developed in close cooperation with partner firm AHS Aviation Handling Services, represented by its Munich branch where the software is already successfully implemented. At inter airport Europe, taking place from 10 to 13 October 2017 in Munich, topsystem will present the benefits of APHIS to industry professionals for the first time.

Whether it be through illness-related leave or holiday and shift requests, a reliable deployment of staff is crucial to a disruption-free working operation, especially in the dynamic environment of cargo and ground handling. Thanks to its many years of expertise in the aviation industry, topsystem knows the requirements of ground and cargo handlers right down to the smallest detail. APHIS makes it handy to create workforce plans and shift schedules, which are otherwise time-consuming and often error-prone. In addition, the tool enables a reliable management of the service level agreements (SLA) with airlines. The personnel planner is able to deploy schedules easily and intuitively based on the stored information concerning the qualifications of employees and the current detailed flight data. This ensures that employees are given tasks they are specifically qualified for. In the event of last-minute flight changes, delays or bottlenecks, plans can be altered using a drag-and-drop system. The software also takes into account various working hours and break time models as well as individual shift requests of employees. Ground handlers have access to the operational database, meaning that they can also view current flight data. Furthermore, APHIS simplifies the invoicing processes of SLA-related services and ad-hoc services by providing a fully integrated accounting module.

AHS, a client of topsystem for many years and service provider for airlines, is successfully using the system solution at Munich Airport. AHS is one of the leading service providers for airlines in Germany and offers a broad spectrum of services related to the handling of passengers and aircraft. The company has already reported a massive cost reduction in the fields of passenger handing and operations. APHIS can be used in connection with topsystem's Ground Handling System (GHS), which is used at more than 100 airports, or as a stand-alone module. Visitors at the inter airport Europe trade fair, taking place from 10 to 13 October, will have the chance to gain comprehensive information about APHIS.

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