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  • Lydia® Voice brings energy into the warehouse

Lydia® Voice brings energy into the warehouse

18.07.2017 01:00:00

The decision was in favor of the voice-directed solution Lydia® Voice by topsystem. “topsystem not only convinced us by meeting our demands, but also by contributing their experience from other projects. This way our processes have certainly taken a step forward. We were also pleased about the speaker-independent operation of the solution and that it could go into operation immediately without any training“, emphasized Michael Albrecht, Division Manager Logistics of ANSMANN AG.

Intelligent software connection

Lydia® Connector for SAP is used for the connection of the new voice solution to the leading SAP EWM. The related SAP system was implemented by Flexus AG. With Lydia® Connector for SAP, as a certified solution, Lydia® Voice can be connected without middleware and the process logic of the ERP system used as a basis for voice dialog. The staff member on the contrary may gather information prompting SAP to trigger further processes. If a picker communicates bottlenecks in a storage bin, Lydia® transmits this information directly to SAP ERP. The system immediately demands replenishment and directs the picker to an alternative bin– if possible – to enable him/her to complete the task quickly.

Flexible Multi-Order-Picking

The wide product range of ANSMANN requires highest picking efficiency. Lydia® supports this by flexible Multi-Order-Picking. Since the orders often comprise several items of different sizes, space is distributed flexibly by the warehouse staff in a picking cart specially for this. Information on packaging is then stored as a hard copy. Order priorization for instance for urgent spare parts orders can be realized by the implementation of the new solution. The direct connection of Lydia® to the warehouse management system provides for prompt information for pickers of urgent orders.

ANSMANN plans to use Lydia® in future for other tasks, for instance for stocktaking. The company is also driving the implementation of the voice solution at an international level: in future all worldwide affiliates are to be equipped with the software.

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