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Mobile Maintenance with Lydia® Service Suite

05.04.2017 10:00:00

Lydia® will be in focus at topsystem’s stand at the maintenance: the technologically leading voice software raises industrial maintenance to a new level. Compared to manually executed checks and inspections with paper lists, the administrative effort with the mobile voice variant is almost eliminated.

This significantly increases the quality of the data capturing and errors are excluded from the start. Developed according to the hands-free-eyes-free concept, the Lydia® Service Suite fulfills all requirements for a modern maintenance strategy: a predictive planning with precise cost control and an efficient handling of the maintenance tasks.


Better ergonomics, less errors

The Lydia® Service Suite supports checking processes across all industries. The automotive industry and the aviation sector demand on the high quality of inspection processes. This in mind, topsystem presents the Check by Voice solution of the Straßenverkehrsamt Zug in Switzerland. Here, the vehicle check is performed by using the voice solution Lydia® in combination with tablet and Bluetooth headsets. Checking the vehicle’s technical status via voice instructions and the acknowledgment of the working steps by voice input makes the processes easy to handle.

Via the tablet, additional information about the vehicle, such as the approved tires or special equipment, can also be displayed. In addition, pictures of vehicle deficiencies can be taken for later evaluations.

Besides the Lydia® Service Suite topsystem presents the patented picking vest Lydia® VoiceWear®. The vest is simple and comfortable to wear, the employees benefit from maximum freedom of movement during the entire check process. Voice commands are given to users from the integrated loudspeakers. Both hands remain free at all times, so that the use of, for example, additional tools or test instruments is possible.

Topsystem on maintenance in Stuttgart from 17 to 18 May 2017, booth G 06.


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