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Voxter® Elite + for voice comfort

29.03.2018 15:15:00

The new generation of the topsystem voice computer is unique on the market: In cooperation with the Lydia® Voice Suite 8, it ensures an increase in efficiency in all voice-guided processes and uses - in addition to the current technical IT standards - a technology based on the principle of neural networks. This provides companies with a multinational workforce with a reliable solution for voice-guided processes. In addition, the new Voxter® features durable components to meet the needs of a wide range of industries. The voice computer meets the standards of IP67, so that it is protected against dust, dirt, moisture, frost and heat in everyday work.

The entire device is intuitively controlled by voice: only one movement is required to switch the device on and off - service commands such as log-in, volume control, output speed or battery status query can be reliably controlled by voice.


Combination miracle and time saver

In addition to the ergonomic picking vest Lydia® VoiceWear®, the mobile voice computer is also compatible with consumer Bluetooth headsets for the first time. The Voxter® Elite + is user-independent which means that different employees can work with the same device. As no language training is required to use Lydia® Voice, the system saves companies a lot of time when getting new or seasonal employees to work. The new voice computer also convinces with its fast battery change: This can be done during operation without the device having to be switched off and then restarted. In addition, the Voxter® Elite + is compatible with existing Voxter® accessories such as batteries and charging stations.

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