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Overview AirportSuite


Airport IT Solutions - System Integration, AODB and Operational Software

IT systems at airports have to meet highest requirements. Uninterrupted 24/7 system availability without any failures, integration and data exchange with a multitude of systems and high-performance are must-haves on the technical side. Operational software has to improve and speed-up operational procedures, to relieve staff from tedious manual data processing and to support decision-making. Less efforts, better performance and streamlined operations are the key issues here.

AirportSuite: True IT Integration for Airports with AODB and Message Broker

With the AirportSuite, topsystem offers a comprehensive IT suite specially developed for the requirements on airports. The system is based on an airport operational database (AODB) combined with a message broker establishing communication with a wide variety of information systems (e.g. IATA/AFTN messaging, FIDS, ERP, proprietary airline systems etc.). This concept ensures a seamless communication and a centralised data management.

AirportSuite: Software for Flight Scheduling, Aeronautical Billing and much more

The actual software is also installed on a single server and can be accessed with a standard browser from anywhere via Intra- or Internet.

AirportSuite is a modularly structured IT suite covering a wide array of airport-specific fields of business. Seasonal flight scheduling, operative daily flight planning and a full-blown aeronautical billing system are some of the core modules. In addition to these, a flight information display system (FIDS), software for managing immobile resources like stands, gates etc. and a powerful report and statistics generator (MIS) are available. Furthermore, optional tools like, for example, a graphical tool for assigning resources to flights as well as a module for invoicing rents and tenancies round off the scope of functions.

Your Advantages at a Glance (Reasons for AirportSuite)

AODB/ MessageBroker

Flight Scheduling

Aeronautical Billing


Resource Management

Airport Rents and Tenancies

IT Solutions for Smaller Airports

Reporting & Statistics

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