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Pick by Voice

Pick by Voice – The Technology of the Future

The development of speech-controlled picking systems is the logical step towards the implementation of modern technologies for the optimization of picking applications. The clear objective here is to use the new technology to make picking processes more effective and productive.

The technology introduced under the name "Pick by Voice" completely replaces the outdated paper-based picking. Furthermore, Pick by Voice can also be used in combination with conventional barcode technology.

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Increasing the Productivity of the Workflow

In contrast to common picking solutions, Pick by Voice offers the decisive advantage of significantly reducing the worksteps required for the picking process. The picker receives his orders via headset and confirms the execution by answering to the system via microphone.

A gain of time is achieved here by making the handling of paper lists or operating mobile barcode readers redundant. The operative can completely concentrate on the actual manual picking process, thus also achieving a better picking accuracy.

Standard System Components

The communication with the speech system is realised with a small mobile computer the picker wears in a case on his belt. As mobile computers, common standard mobile computers as well as devices specially designed for the rough warehouse environments- like topsystem's Voxter® – can be used.

Pick by Voice can be easily connected to existing warehouse management or enterprise resource planning systems via common data base or file interfaces, allowing the integration of the speech-based application simply as a new module to existing logistics systems.

Practical experiences have shown that the implementation of Pick by Voice quickly achieves significant increases in quality and productivity, leading to an amortisation of investment often in less than a year.

Your Advantages at a Glance

Improved Productivity

Hands and eyes are free for the essential work steps. Thus your employees work faster with more safety.

Optimzed Operating Costs

Paperless processes, improved productivity and a reduced error rate lead to significant savings and rapid amortization.

Improved Quality

Each pick of goods is confirmed by speech and thus examined. Errors are avoided so that a manual controle is not required.

For a safer Working Environment

With voice-directed working all employees are focussing on their environment so that accidents are reduced.

Satisfied Employees

The significant workload reduction leads to high acceptance rate among your employees.

Simple Implementation

The Lydia® Pick by Voice solutions are integrated into an existing WMS easily and rapidly.

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