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Quality Management (SLA)


Quality Management and Service Level Agreements (SLA)

With the software module GHS-Quality, the seamless integration of quality agreements into aircraft ground handling contracts is now possible.

Quality Agreements for Ground Handling Contracts

Aircraft carriers do not only rely on the simple rendering of services, but also require a well-timed and faultless execution of handling processes. Thus, it is usually not sufficient to include simple service catalogues in handling contracts. Additionally, in many cases “Service Level Agreements” (SLA) are required, defining quality standards which are to be achieved. These SLA may include a variety of criteria like, for example, maximum times allotted for certain procedures, a limit for errors or mistakes allowed to be made in a predefined number of processes etc.

Integration of SLAs and Service Recording

Compliance with the agreed quality standards is checked by capturing the actual service performance data in the software module GHS-Service. Here the complete services provided for each ground handling process are recorded, including quality-related data like times, durations or mistakes. In addition to objective, measurable data, special incidents can also be recorded here as remarks.

Statistical Evaluation of Aircraft Handling Quality

With the attached statistics tool GHS-Report, comprehensive analyses for freely definable events or periods of time can be created, which serve as a basis for the evaluation of the achieved service quality. The analysis of statistically processed data can then be used to systematically find weaknesses, justify complaints and to take additional measures.

Features & Benefits


Complete quality agreement management for ground handling

Process integration

SLAs are integrated in the complete process chain from contract management to the recording of operational service quality and statistical evaluation

Process optimisation

Recording and analysis of service quality show optimisation potential and thus also result in an increased customer satisfaction

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