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Reporting & Evaluation


Reports and Statistical Evaluations for Ground Handling Processes

Detailed and precise statistical evaluations of data accruing from all operative business branches in aircraft ground handling are essential for the analysis of commercial results and the increase of operational efficiency. Furthermore, reliable statistical data is indispensable for process optimisation, daily and future planning.

Powerful Tool for Evaluation and Process Optimization

GHS-Report allows the easy creation of precise, target-oriented statistical reports for all fields of business. A powerful, yet easy to use report editor allows the design of custom-tailored report templates for any purpose. Team-based design and creation as well as automated cyclical report generation and distribution is also included as a standard feature.

Reporting & Statistics for all Aircraft Handling Operations

Access to all relevant data is ensured by a direct link to an  operational database (e.g. GHS-Central) where all data accruing from operational processes is collected in unified formats. The following lists show some examples of the records which can be generated with GHS-Report:

Standard OPS Records

  • Daily flight schedule (OPS)
  • Weekly OPS overview
  • PAX report
  • Internal traffic report
  • Schedule changes
  • Editable forms( e.g. worksheets, info sheets)

Advanced Statistics

  • Delay statistics
  • External traffic reports (e.g. federal offices etc.)
  • Airline ranking
  • Capacity utilisation
  • Performance evaluation
  • Revenue statistics

Features & Benefits

Comprehensive Reporting Features

Pre-defined standard evaluations, tools for the design of customised reports, generation of ad-hoc reports with simple drag & drop functions and many other options.

Direct Database Access

All data from all attached systems and modules running together in the central database are completely available for evaluations

Flexible Publication

Multiple export formats for electronic publication or printout are available - e.g. Excel, PDF, HTML. Furthermore, dispatch via email or publication on a website are available as optional features

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