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Resource Management


The Software Solution for Shift and Resource Planning

With APHIS (Aviation Personnel Handling and Information System) topsystem offers a powerful software solution for shift and staff scheduling as well as the management of mobile and immobile resources. The solution can be seamlessly integrated with the Ground Handling System via interfaces and compatible database schemes. This guarantees an optimal process coverage in these fields of business as well without having to change media or bridge to other systems.

Shift Planning Software

With powerful shift planning functions and the flexibility to integrate multiple work and rest period models, APHIS offers all tools to create and manage shift schedules for different employee types, e.g. for typical full-time staff, seasonal workers or any combination. In addition to intelligent support in long-term planning which, of course, also takes required qualifications for each shift into account, the solution also offers versatile tools for quick rescheduling during daily business, e.g. in case of sudden illnesses or requirement changes.

Resource Management

The intelligent business logics of APHIS also offers tools for long, medium and short term scheduling of required vehicles or machinery. Naturally, this planning can be integrated with the staff scheduling.

Even in time-critical working environments and under operational restraints the software supports the optimization for the assignment of a wide range of resources necessary for handling activities. The business logics takes many factors into consideration like, for example, driving distances, load capacities, local or organizational restraints, team building, workload or task priorities.

Features & Benefits

Intelligent shift planning

Business logic supports the staff rostering with customisable rules and guidelines

Complete resource management

The software management and assignment of all resources including vehicles, machinery and staff

Complete Integration

Seamless cooperation with the Ground Handling System

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