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Resource Management

Depending on the individual requirement profile at airports, topsystem offers both a lean, cost-effective resource management system or a comprehensive solution with complex business logics. Thus, each airport can decide in favour of the optimal combination of cost-efficiency and scope of required features.


Easy Management of Gates, Positions and other Immobile Resources

For smaller airports with a manageable number of gates and parking positions, AirportSuite-Flightchart offers an intuitive and well outlined graphical assignment of resources. In a Gantt chart view immobile resources can be easily assigned to flights with simple drag & drop functions. The solution is seamlessly integrated with the tabular flight scheduling software and adopts manually entered data directly to the graphical display and vice versa. With this straightforward solution the requirements of smaller stations can be ideally covered in a cost-efficient way.

Intelligent Business Logics for Resource Management and Shift Planning

In co-operation with reliable, long-standing partners we also offer comprehensive systems for resource management and shift planning. These solutions can be seamlessly integrated with the AirportSuite core system.

AirportSuite-Resource is used to allocate gates in real-time in a time-critical environment under multiple operational constraints. The module is linked to the flight information system to receive up-to-date flight schedule information and actual flight times. Base data (gates, airport layout, etc.), gate rules, restrictions, preferences, and an initial gate plan are brought together in one single system to support the allocator. A highly developed optimiser creates an initial allocation plan. The validity of the actual gate allocation is permanently controlled; irregularities in the operation initiate alert messages and generate changes in the plan where necessary. Bottlenecks in operation peaks are highlighted early enough to allow for appropriate action. A comprehensive log of transactions and flight schedule updates is stored for reports, documentation and analysis purposes.

Analogous systems with specialised business logics are also available for shift planning and the management of mobile resources on the apron. Again, we have been co-operating with long-standing partners in these fields in many projects to deliver sophisticated integrated solutions.


Features & Benefits

Scalable solution

Availability of alternative solution variants allow the acquisition ideally balanced between cost-efficiency and scope of functions

Long-term planning

Allows assignment of immobile resources already in the seasonal flight scheduling stage

Operational control

The major solution’s powerful business logics optimized resource planning in real time based on any changes to flight data

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