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Voice & Vision

Pick by Vision - For tomorrow's Intralogistics

Pick by Vision

Pick by Vision supports your employees by integration of smart glasses or smart watches. Those watches and glasses are lightweight mobile computers, comfortably worn on your wrist or head. By adding important visual information they simplify workflows for your employees.

Pick by Vision supports your employees by indicating process-related core data such as bin location and item quantity, as well as by additional navigation information, product numbers or photos for identifying the picking goods.

With Pick by Vision – an intelligent combination of Voice and data glasses – topsystem offers an innovative picking system for Tomorrow’s intralogistics.

More Information

Visual Presentation of useful additional Information

More Documentation

Extended Opportunities for Documentation thanks to Camera Functions

More Flexibility

Flexible Calling of Information at all Times

Lydia® Voice&Vision - the smart Assitance System

Based on the tested and proven Lydia® Pick by Voice concept, the Smart Glasses and Watches are primarily operated via voice input. This way, staff members always have both hands free for the essential work steps.

Besides data of the current order, the users can query many useful service information via voice commands like battery level, WLAN status and implemented possible voice commands.

Besides the voice input the camera integrated into the data glasses offers further options for digital data collection. Photos can be taken and videos recorded in HD quality for damage documentation. Moreover, the camera supports the automatic recognition of standard barcodes and QR codes and takes on the functionality of a barcode scanner here.

Lydia® Voice&Vision with Smart Watch

Smart Watches are intelligent wristwatches that simplify the employees’ workflow by providing visual add-on information. Order information is not only acoustically announced by Lydia® Voice but also visually presented on the smart watch display.

Lydia® Voice&Vision supports your employees by indicating process-related core data such as bin location and item quantity, as well as by additional packing information, product numbers or photos for identifying the picking goods.

Lydia® Voice&Vision displays one of its powers when it comes to value added services. When customer-related special services, labeling, packing or transport of single goods have to be taken into account, Lydia® Voice&Vision informs your staff members at the right moment, thus improving the process quality You require.


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Visual Presentation of relevant additional Information

Flexible Calling of Information at any Time

Optimal Support of your Employees

Significant Reduction of Errors in Working Process

Optimized Processes

Improved Efficiency

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