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Voxter® Scan Elite Edition

Voxter® Scan Elite Edition – The backhand scanner for mobile data collection

Voxter® Scan Elite Edition is a cordless scanner designed for integrated use in standard wireless communication. Using standard Bluetooth wireless technology, Voxter® Scan Elite Edition is an ideal addition to speech-based logistics solutions. Due to its rugged design the Voxter® Scan Elite Edition stands up to harsh conditions in warehouse environments. The picker usually has both hands and eyes free so that he is not affected or disturbed in his workflow.

In combination with a speech recognition system like Lydia® allows the use of multiple modes of input/output, thus maximizing productivity while achieving the highest degree of accuracy in data capturing and transmission.

Thus additional information like batch numbers or best-before date can be captured with nearly speed of light. Increase of efficiency and productivity are – compared to traditional paper based systems – only superficial aspects regarding a successful implementation of the Voxter® Scan Elite Edition.

Voxter® Scan Elite Edition – For Barcode based additional Information

The compact, rugged and extremely lightweight Voxter® Scan Elite Edition is worn comfortably on the back of the hand or in a belt cradle; a perfect integration into the existing workflow. No additional action is required to trigger the scan function. The technologically exclusive auto-trigger function executes automatic barcode scanning at all times. Users have their hands free to perform vital tasks at any time. Even under the most demanding conditions, the Voxter® Scan Elite Edition is a reliable partner for fast and accurate data capture while guaranteeing maximum degree of ergonomics.

100 g light

> 16,000 Scans per Battery Life

Rugged Design

Proximity Sensor and Auto-Trigger

1D- and 2D-Barcodes

Bluetooth® 2.1 + EDR

Voxter® Scan Elite Edition and Accessories


Voxter® Scan Elite Edition bluetooth scanner

incl. Bluetooth module, without battery


Voxter® Scan Elite Edition glove

smooth and breathable glove for carrying Voxter® Scan Elite Edition on your wrist


Voxter® Scan Elite Edition extended battery

extended rechargeable battery with cover
2,260 mAh, up to 16,000 scans


Voxter® Scan Elite Edition single charger

standard charger for 1 battery (standard/extended)


Voxter® Scan Elite Edition dual charger

charger for 2 batteries (standard/extended)


Voxter® Scan Elite Edition multi charger

extended charger for 8 batteries (standard/extended)

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