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What about Lydia?

Lydia® - The Choice for Voice®

Lydia® Voice is the right System for You

No matter if goods receipt, order picking, inventory or quality control – with Lydia® Voice you simply do more. Voice-directed systems free your employees of cumbersome handling with paper lists or handheld terminals. Working with voice let your staff be more concentrated and focussed on their single work steps. Thus the quality and efficiency of your operating processes will increase. With Lydia® Voice you achieve those objectives within a very short time. In addition, Lydia® Voice is established as the leading technological voice system in logistics and production for many years.

There are many good reasons to bet on Lydia®:

  • 15 years of experience in voice
  • development and delivery from a single source
  • innovative technologies based on current IT standards
  • simple connection to all common WMS and ERP systems


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More Productivity
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Less Errors
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Satisfaction by optimum Ergonomics

World-leading Technologies

Currently Lydia® Voice is the technological leading voice system for use in logistics and production. Due to its platform and hardware independance Lydia® runs on all common mobile voice computers. In addition to this Lydia® Voice supports as the first system wordwide current operating systems like iOS and Android.




Flexible Connection to WMS and ERP-Systems

Hardware independent

Lydia® runs on numerous mobile devices


Quality "Made in Germany"

Natural Voice Output

Human Voice (male/female)

Automatic Speaker Adaption

Lydia® adapts to its users automatically

Integrated Wireless Telephony

for fast Communication

Lydia®-Voice Software Suite

Lydia® Voice is more than just Pick by Voice. The Lydia® Voice Suite includes numerous voice modules for all important processes of the intralogistics as well as all common test processes of the production. Powerful and performing add-on modules like the Lydia® ControlCenter or the Lydia® User&Device Manager simplify administrative tasks like user management or steering of storage processes. The Lydia® CoPilot supports the voice-directed operators during their induction phase and while getting familiar with the dialog itself.

With Lydia® Plug&Play topsystem offers a carefree package for smaller enterprises with up to 25 voice-directed operators. Preconfigured standard processes and interfaces allow a fast and easy integration into the existing IT environment.


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