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Overview Cargo Handling System


Electronic Cargo Handling & Operations System

Software Solutions for Airfreight Handling Companies

The Electronic Cargo Handling & Operations System (ECHOS®) is a scalable, modular software for managing and supporting processes in airfreight handling. Main benefits of the solution are process integration, efficiency increase and revenue optimization.

More Flexibility

Flexible retrievement of information

Improved Mobility

All devices can be integrated into the system.

More Accuracy

Significantly less errors during data capture

web-basierte Lösung

Technologies for Individual Demands

ECHOS® is completely web-based and both core software and database are installed on a central server. This allows working with identical data exchanged in real-time on any computer. The integration of devices like barcode scanners, scales, X-Ray etc. is also easily possible with the regular message brokerage tool. Mobile computers (e.g. tablets) can be equipped with the special mECHOS app for warehousing, damage report management, check listing and much more.

Naturally, the integration of external information system and standards (e.g. CIMP, XML, IATA Load Messaging, airline systems) also belongs to the system scope.

Your Complete Solution for Airfreight Handlers

ECHOS® is modularly structured and offers software solutions for all import, export and transit related processes in cargo handling. AWB management (including e-AWB), freight sorting, build-up processes and manifest preparation are covered as well as delivery breakdown, information exchange with business partners, warehouse management - including barcode printing, a warehouse storage map and tracking functions.

Finally, a special emphasis is put on the commercial aspect. ECHOS® offers a freely designable service and price catalogue, a mobile service recording app - mECHOS as well as automated price calculation and invoice generation. The latter also includes electronic invoicing options to make the payment process quicker and more transparent.


Your Advantages at a Glance (Reasons for the ECHOS® Solution)

Central Installation

Simple Integration of Different Devices

Integration of Current Information Systems

Improved Efficiency

Data Available in Real Time

Accelerated Workflow

Cargo Handling System – Functions & Benefits

Technological Leader

The web-based concept of our software allows a complete online integration of all sectors in Airfreight Handling.

Process Coverage

All necessary processes for import and export are covered, including future-proof features (e-AWB, e-invoicing, e-freight).

Paperless Workflows

The mobile app mECHOS  is responsible for the direct electronic recording of all provided services, so that they are immediately available for billing.

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